10 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Vegans

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 If you’re looking for vegan ethical gifts, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing a beautiful gift that represents someone’s values and beliefs shows that you really know them, and also that you care about them deeply. For the eco-friendly vegan in your life, we’ve put together a list of our favourite sustainable and cruelty free gifts.



Zero Waste Skincare


Our Zero Waste Vegan Pamper Kit is completely sustainable, organic, vegan and plastic-free. It includes a selection of bamboo reusable make-up pads, a soft and natural cleansing balm containing a selection of vegan ingredients, an organic cotton muslin cloth, a skin detoxifying red clay face mask, a reusable wooden spatula and a reusable bag to keep all the products safe in one place. What’s more, even our labels are made with recycled paper and eco-friendly ink, making this vegan pamper kit completely planet friendly.



Build Your Own Vegan Letterbox Gift


Letterbox gifts are becoming one of the most popular and best ways to show someone you care. Not only are they full of lovely things, but they’re in a conveniently sized box that slips straight through a letterbox without needing someone at home to collect. Our Build Your Own Personalised Letterbox Vegan Set is an extra special eco pamper kit that gives you the option to customise with four personally selected items. Choose from a wide selection of naturally luxurious vegan skincare and eco friendly products, and add a personalised label to make this box extra special.



Vegan and Sustainable Gifts for Him


Gone are the days when men had to hide their self-care routines. These days, some of the manliest men in the world are proud to self pamper. Our eco friendly Men’s Spa Vegan and Sustainable Gift Set contains some of our favourite sustainable and natural products, from detoxifying soap to a lava pumice stone, to a luxury solid shampoo bar and more. This eco-friendly and cruelty free pamper gift set for men is completed with a keepsake tin that even Zeus himself would love to display in his imperial bath.



An Eco Friendly Starter Kit


For those who want to be more sustainable, but don’t know where to start, we have our eco friendly and sustainable starter sets. Currently available in both medium and large sized sets, these kits contain eco-friendly essentials that are hand selected by the team at Aphrodite and Ares. These kits contain essential tools like a bamboo toothbrush, 100% cotton face cloth, wooden hairbrush, solid shampoo, soap bars and more. Printed with eco-friendly ink on recycled paper, this essentials set is completely sustainable, eco-friendly and as kind to skin as it is to the planet. 


Can’t choose between all our vegan and eco friendly gifts? Why not let them choose for themselves by picking up one of our ethical gift cards instead?