'Hemera' Eco-friendly Vegan Pampering Bath Gift Set for her

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'Hemera' is a Vegan and Eco-friendly pampering kit inspired to the goddess of the daytime. Sustainable and plastic-free, Hemera is an amazing combination of wonderful natural products and the desire to be environmentally conscious.

Hemera includes:

1 artisan vegan soap with certified organic shea butter (paraben-free, silicon-free, cruelty-free)

1 pouch of aromatherapy bath salts,

1 exfoliating lava pumice stone,

1 natural exfoliating loofah sponge

1 organic cotton facial muslin cloth

1 large 20CL hand-poured Vegan Candle with a wooden wick 

The kit comes in a lovely eco-friendly box ready to be given to your friends or loved ones. It is a fantastic gift for a Birthday, Mother's Day gift , Anniversary, Christmas or Valentine's and why not, even for self-care.


20CL Candle Burning time: approx 30-35 hours

Please keep it away from pets and children, protect the surface where you lit the candle and don't burn it for more than 4 hours at the time to avoid overheating the glass