'Hemera' Eco-friendly Vegan Pampering Bath Gift Set for her

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'Hemera' is a Vegan and Eco-friendly pampering kit inspired to the goddess of the daytime. Sustainable and plastic-free. An amazing combination of wonderful natural products and the desire to be environmentally conscious.

Hemera includes: 1 artisan vegan soap with certified organic shea butter (paraben-free, silicon-free, cruelty-free), 1 pouch of dead sea salts with botanicals, 1 exfoliating lava pumice stone, 1 natural exfoliating loofah sponge, 1 organic cotton facial muslin cloth, 1 large 20CL hand-poured Vegan Candle with a wooden wick.

The kit comes in a lovely eco-friendly box ready to be given to your friends or loved ones. It is a fantastic gift for a Birthday, Mother's Day gift , Anniversary, Christmas or Valentine's and why not, even for self-care.



Botanicals might occasionally stain. We suggest to rinse bath after use.

20CL Candle Burning time: approx 30-35 hours

The candle must be trimmed before each lit to half cm. The first time the candle should burn for 4 hours. The wooden wick might need more than one attempt to lit, do not remove wax from the candle or it will compromise the efficiency of the burning.

Never leave the candle burn for more than 4 hours consecutively. Never leave the candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Protect your surface placing the lit candle on a adequate plate or support.